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Digital Resilience - Understanding the Challenges of Resilience in Digital Environments

I'm pleased to be a co-author of the latest publication from the Institute of Strategy, Resilience & Security (ISRS) in association with Shearwater Group PLC. Entitled 'Digital Resilience - Understanding the Challenges of Resilience in Digital Environments'.

As we head towards a future operating environment where virtually every business model and process is fully digitally dependent, we observe that many organisations have yet to accept and internalise the degree to which their operational resilience is coincident with digital resilience.

The paper argues that digital resilience is about acquiring a dynamic state of continual evolution and learning within the digital environment. When fully understood and implemented, digital resilience should enable an organisation to use new challenges not merely to rebound but to bounce forward, with crises becoming pointers towards opportunity and catalysts for evolution. It proposes an assessment framework of key questions for leaders to define, identify and address digital resilience issues within their organisations and outlines the principles of a strategic process to identify digital resilience issues both from a business and technology perspective and address them through the development of organisational capabilities.

The paper is available here.

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