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Digital Resilience - Understanding the Challenges of Resilience in Digital Environments

I'm pleased to be a co-author of the latest publication from the Institute of Strategy, Resilience & Security (ISRS) in association with Shearwater Group PLC. Entitled 'Digital Resilience - Understanding the Challenges of Resilience in Digital Environments'. As we head towards a future operating environment where virtually every business model and process is fully digitally dependent, we observe that many organisations have yet to accept and internalise the degree to which their operational resilience is coincident with digital resilience. ​ The paper argues that digital resilience is about acquiring a dynamic state of continual evolution and learning within the digital environment. When ful

Can I Have Your Attention?

Many of us are struggling to pay attention and focus on the things that matter. With technology creating endless opportunities to "improve productivity", people spend so much time responding to the interruptions that they've lost the ability to focus. In this latest Levitt Group podcast I interview Curt Steinhorst, the author of 'Can I Have Your Attention?: Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace' Whey talk about why we are struggling for attention and how to take back control of your technology and find focus in the age of distraction. Those interested in learning more can gain access to further resources by emailing Cur


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